Introduction to the LIFE Project

The Mixlance REF Project, supported by LIFE, the Financial Instrument for the Environment, is primarily concerned with the research, design and build of a new generation of Environmentally Friendly Modular Batch Heater, which can be disassembled, moved and reassembled with minimum disruption.

The environmental impact of the newly developed plant will be significantly reduced, when compared with currently used plant, impacting far less on quality of life for both resident populations and people driving through the area.

However the most important Environmental factor when considering the new plant, is the fact that it is a temporary structure, and will therefore be in place for a limited time. This results in a far smaller environmental footprint than currently available Batch Heaters.

Beyond these tangible environmental benefits, the increase in recyclable materials in the end product, coupled with reduction of land storage for these materials, and the reduction in road haulage of the asphalt due to the positioning of the plant adjacent to the works site, actually impact the environment in a positive way, rather than merely reducing negative impact.